TaxPass Portal


The use of TaxPass to submit information does NOT guarantee the tax return will be processed by the April 15th deadline for 2023 income tax returns. 

Welcome to TaxPass, our secure online tax portal.

If you don’t have an account, it will prompt you to register.

If you created an account last year (2023), you will use those same credentials to log in.

If you used TaxPass when it was an app on your phone (prior to 2023), the program will prompt you to make a new account.

FAQs & Tips:

  • Your password must be at least 8 characters long. Include upper case, lower case, number, and special character. (if you still have the RED password notice when you try to submit, then your PW is not meeting the criteria.
  • It is easier to use from a phone because it allows you to scan your DL to directly upload your personal information to the client data portion. It also lets you take pictures of your documents and upload them directly to the software.
  • Our portal was previously operating as an app, but it is now using the website platform. Both are  secure options, but the website requires a bit less maintenance on the back end.
  • You can continue to gather documents by saving where you left off each session.
  • While we can see that you have started your new tax year process, we cannot access the information until you actually hit “Save and Submit”
  • For a step by step guide, click here.
  • Please know that we will require the Tax Service Agreement to be completed and a deposit to be paid before we begin working.


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